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At the University of Technology Sydney we know that startups are creating more new jobs than any other sector.

The next big startup idea might be sparked in a lecture, tinkering with a solution in a course, during an internship experience, or through an inspiring conversation with a fellow student.

We encourage our next-gen entrepreneurs to see the world as their classroom, and to solve big problems, right now.

When those ideas are ignited, our students have the spaces, technology, expert mentorship and access to industry partners to transform those ideas into world- class businesses.

Cutting-edge technology and infrastructure

Our whole-of-university approach to innovation and entrepreneurship is driven by technology, infrastructure and our cutting-edge facilities, as well as our understanding of industry’s needs and ambitions.

The new UTS Tech Lab is the only facility in Australia that brings together large engineering infrastructure with laboratories dedicated to communications, sensor development, and the computer sciences, including data analytics and artificial intelligence. In the Data Arena, users can immerse themselves in information and explore data differently. Our ProtoSpace provides a unique lab for the next generation of manufacturing; and, industry and government partners are able to rapidly prototype their ideas into viable products through our Rapido team.

In addition to highly regarded research that provides solutions to real world problems, working with UTS provides industry partners with access to top talent before they graduate. The New South Wales Deep Green Biotech Hub for example brings together UTS, industry, startups, students and other stakeholders to bring NSW to the forefront of algae-based biotechnology innovation in Australia.

Innovating for the future of work

Innovation in Australia will be led by highly talented students and graduates who live and breathe next generation businesses. At UTS we are designing our degrees to deliver those capabilities.

The Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship (MBAe) at UTS is designed for entrepreneurs and innovators, and offers students a flexible and modular structure of study while developing their own entrepreneurial or innovation project. The integrated modules of the MBAe are also available as individual Graduate Certificates in Commercialisation, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Acceleration. Or, for anyone with any undergraduate degree who wants to spend a year developing their own startup, UTS also offers a unique one year Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Honours).

UTS also understands that gaining experience in organisations shaping the future of work can be transformative. Whether it’s through the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation or the Diploma in Innovation or startup internships, students are actively seeking experience within startups and scale- ups, and contributing to the change in the world they seek.

Personalised and stackable learning

Designing learning experiences for the future of work means personalisation including, new stackable degrees, microcredentials and short courses.

This approach to personalised learning allows students to come to us with a problem to solve: be it a challenge for their organisation, an issue needing technological disruption, a global problem they want to address. Students can select or “stack” the curriculum that best helps them address their needs.

In Autumn 2020, UTS will launch its first three stackable degrees: Master of Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation, Master of Technology, and Master of Professional Practice.

UTS Startups

UTS Startups is the home of entrepreneurship at UTS. From fields as diverse as biotech, lawtech, medtech, spacetech and beyond, UTS is nurturing the entrepreneurs that are changing the face of Australian startups and innovation, and are already creating the jobs of the future.

This fast-growing 700-strong community of students, graduates and their startup colleagues are together forging a new spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at UTS. Since its inception in August 2018, UTS Startups has launched more than 300 startups.

Five UTS tech startups to watch


Resolution123 makes employment law quick, simple and affordable for employees.


Tech Gym

Tech Gym innovates rehabilitation using intelligent robotics to assist patients throughout rehabilitation to improve functionality and return from hospital with higher independence. 



BindiMaps provides accurate, reliable indoor navigation that is for everyone, everywhere – indoors and outdoors, and with true universal design.


Espresso Displays

Espresso Displays has created the world’s thinnest portable monitor, enabling the on-the-go worker to be more productive.



Maslow is a voice-enabled rehabilitation assistant for young people with paralysis.