Digital trade is expected to add $43 billion to the economy by 2030

Three Australian firms are listed on CB Insights’ ‘Unicorn Tracker’

Technology firms make up 7 of the 10 largest public firms by market cap globally

Wider domestic tech sector could contribute $207 billion per year by 2030 if we catch up with global peers

Australian startups raised more than $2.2 billion in private funds in FY18-19 according to Techboard

Over half of the people working in a typical startup know how to code

Estimated brand new jobs created by venture backed startups in 2018

If it were listed on the ASX, Atlassian would now be the 10th largest company in Australia

The average venture investment required to create a brand new permanent job

Nearly 9 in 10 startups rate the RDTI as either ‘very important’ or ‘critical’.

The average percentage of developers and engineers housed in the country from which a large technology company is founded.

Firms under 5 years old account for 17% of total employment, but create 47% of new jobs.