StartupAUS is Australia’s national non-profit startup advocacy organisation, formed in 2013 by 50 leaders of the startup sector.

Our mission is to transform Australia through technology entrepreneurship. In practical terms, that means we want to make Australia one of the best places in the world to build and grow a tech startup. StartupAUS seeks to do this by catalysing a major shift in attitudes in Australia from being consumers of technology to being creators of technology and using technology companies as a driver of economic growth.

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We believe innovative, high-growth businesses will play a crucial role in driving prosperity for Australia in the years to come. Technology is changing the world rapidly, and our economy is no exception.

StartupAUS seeks to help Australia get ready for, and make the most of, that technology- driven shift.

To achieve this goal, we engage with all levels of government to help shape economic policy discussions with the objective of better supporting the creation and growth of technology startups to become globally significant companies. We see this as part of Australia’s much needed transformation to a knowledge-intensive economy.

The work we do to support the growth of startups in Australia is funded by generous corporate partners and personal donations. Over the last few years we have grown from a volunteer-run organisation to a small team of full-time staff.

StartupAUS gratefully acknowledges the support of its community members, the corporate partners who made this report possible, and its lead organisational sponsors Google, UTS, and ACS.